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musical youth

i sorted out my ‘gig crate’ yesterday morning and got rid of all the broken wires and old biros hiding underneath my regular guitar cables and effects box.

kezia helped me with the tidying and to reward her i let her sing through my delay pedal. then esther joined her. here are the sonic results.
chuffa chuffa choo choo (as written by esther): download video clip (1Meg)
random strangeness: download video clip (half Meg)
Movies are in mpg format so hope that’s ok


5 thoughts on “musical youth”

  1. robotsdancetonight

    The video clips are rather adorable. When I was small, my sister and I used to make puppet shows over the railing of the stairs at my uncle’s house with every stuffed animal in the house, and the adults would, ehm, watch while drinking their coffee. As it turns out, we have no video clips of these puppet shows, and I can’t remember what we had done because of how young I was. They took a few photos, but the content of the plays was lost. I don’t think that the adults who were forced to watch this are very upset, but it was kind of cute as we were small.
    Conclusion: These clips are the perfect thing to show to the boyfriends your daughters bring home when they’re older. My parents are threatening to show pictures of me when I was little to my boyfriend. Amazing what blackmail can do….

  2. you are right. but of course the boyfriends will have already downloaded them from here !
    i suspect at some point in the future they’ll ask me to post-rationalise some of funkypancake.
    i’ll oblige when they request it, but i’ll keep an offline archive that they themselves can revisit later in life.
    hopefully there’s nothing too embarrasing, other than just the ‘cute factor’ !
    so, can we see these photos then robotsdancetonight ?

  3. robotsdancetonight

    I’ll share my pictures as soon as I scan them on to the computer. I was quite a cute little child. And I’ll beat my parents and send them to my boyfriend all by myself. Or just post them on my blog. =P
    Much more convienant and less embarrassing. So long as I can hide the infamous bathtub photo. I think every child has one of those… >.

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