July 2005

elton arrives

much to everyone’s delight, elton came to visit last night.
he started by teaching esther and kezia how to balance cushions on their heads.

kezia was particularly good at it
kezia looks so pleased in this photo
later elton and i went to the pub

but not before taking pictures of elton in a skip looking through a window


plain clothes officer arrests speed freak

here’s a young lad on a police car arresting another young chap on a speeding dune buggy thing.
it seems the shoot to kill thing hasn’t made it to preschool games yet (thankfully)

big eye gets the bit between his teeth

i saw big eye mending a tap today with a drill.

i told him they mend taps in america simply by pushing them hard. (no need to insert punchline here)

with the bit between his teeth he managed to pull this strange face


shoes at esther’s birthday party a few weeks back, taken by tony

flootist em

em plays the flute, acoustic guitar and sings with the band. here she is with chocolate on her forehead.