plain clothes officer arrests speed freak

here’s a young lad on a police car arresting another young chap on a speeding dune buggy thing.
it seems the shoot to kill thing hasn’t made it to preschool games yet (thankfully)


1 thought on “plain clothes officer arrests speed freak”

  1. robotsdancetonight

    I know a lot of small children who had toys like that. My sister and I just had to chase each other around – it turns out that it’s more fun, you can’t get wheels stuck in the mud, the kids get tired out quicker, it’s easier to giggle until you fall on the ground laughing until your stomach hurts, and it creates more of a need for imagination.
    Actually, tonight at Morris practice (I’m a Morris Dancer), the young’uns wanted to play with me, and we ran about, hiding from the adults and pretending that we were stolen off by the faeries. It was actually a good deal of fun! It was hard to convince them to come back to dance.

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