July 2005

transparent dummy in a big field

we had just finished practicing with the band yesterday morning when suddenly esther ran in to the marquee and said “quick daddy, you need to come now” in a really urgent voice. i was a bit concerned then she said “you need to bring your camera”.
i followed as she ran out in to the field and she she said “look, it’s a dummy daddy!”. she was very pleased with herself. and so was i.

coordinated rubbish

outside a house in london were a variety of different sized pizza boxes

5 o’clock

as long time viewers will know, i’ve taken this picture before, but it always makes me gasp when i walk past it. It’s on the corner of the Treasury building on Whitehall (on the corner of Parliament Square and Parliament Street [see here] as you walk away from the river)


back in 2 weeks

this shop has had a sign saying ‘back in 2 weeks’ up for the last 3 weeks, but you wouldn’t know as there’s no date.
but there is a Soduku and crossword on the newspaper stuck on the window and i’m kinda tempted to use a washable pen and write the answers on the outside of the window !

absolute nonsense

here are some instructions on the back of some stickers that Esther got from a party. it makes no sense what so ever. which is a great idea.
click for a version big enough to read.

ministers with drills

i should have thought about this before, but i’m likely to see a lot of church leaders with power drills this week. i saw a few yesterday but didn’t take their photos. i hope they’ll be more.
here’s john to keep us going. he’s a proper ordained minister. licenced to drill.

jane’s birthday

it was my lovely wife jane’s birthday on friday and i had been so useless i didn’t even get her a cake. in my defence, i am always totally rubbish, so it wasn’t anything personal.
life has been completely hectic of late so it was great for just the two of us to go out for meal.
unfortunately we showed our age by feeling tipsy after one pint/one glass of wine and too tired to stay for a dessert or even coffee !
anyway, many belated returns jane !