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update: hope all get home ok despite the latest inconveniences !

lost in the city

someone’s lost lion hanging on a railing in london. he looks very concerned.

6,000th post (ish)

i’m not sure quite how the numbering will work out but this is around my 6,000th post on the blog and we’ve just passed the 4,000th comment mark too !

if the stats are to believed funkypancake got 32,000 unique visitors last month equating to 47K visits and 48GBytes of traffic.
walking wise i’ve also just gone over the 3,000 miles / 5,000 km mark.
how long have you been reading funkypancake ? long enough to remember lazy eye when i first published her ? why do you keep coming back ?

sumo swings

kids play grounds are marvellous. this one even has a swing for sumo wrestlers.

kezia said to jane “can i have a go on the pants swing”. great minds think alike.
i obviously have the same outlook as a three year old.

lost po

poor old po. lost in brighton. still, he/she’s being very sensible and sitting on a bench waiting for its owner to come back and rescue it.

kezia’s photography

kezia decided she wanted to take some portraits with my camera. so she set up her baby and angelina her ‘balernina’.
the results are quite impressive (and work better bigger)

the lost doll

here is a doll in the streets of hull. it was just tucked out of view, but was a good find i’m sure you’ll agree.

brian and pete

one of these two characters is make believe.
and the other is the star of children’s TV program.

on the right track

this is jane’s old toy train set. i had exactly the same train set when i was a lad so it’s nostaligic for both of us, but it lives at jane’s parents so we don’t see it much.
we borrowed it for kezia’s party last week so kids who didn’t want to play the party games could amuse themselves.
it kept me amused, especially when i discovered that jane kept the track and trains in seperate boxes. i suspect they used to be all kept in the same box until the toy railways were privatised and the ownership of the rolling stock and track were seperated.

kid’s kitsch

look at this amazing toy which kezia got for her birthday. how cool would it be to convert this in to a mobile phone cover ?

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and here’s brother edd making a call