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i often take low down shots and usually i get them in focus. this time i didn’t. but it’s still a nice effect as the background just behind it is in focus !

giant generic connect 4

this is actually a large connect 4 game and isn’t a clever perspective trick.

the horse disaster
this is a display in the museum at wellplace zoo. esther and her friend catherine noticed that most of the horses have falled over. click the picture for a nice big view.

kezia’s baby factory

here are kezia’s toy babies on shelves. there’s something very sci-fi about this.

springy thing in an old field

this play park has been closed and is gradually being reclaimed by nature. play parks which ban kids sad places

frog in a box
kezia has a fantastic frog in a box spring thing. capturing it in motion is a bit of challenge, so i was quite please with the picture above


rubber duck

it’s such a small thing, but having a plastic duck in a hotel bathroom is a great idea

lost dog

a stray toy dog.
just after i’d bent down to take this photo some builders said “i wouldn’t leave that there mate”, to which i replied “neither would i” and walked off.
i think they were a bit confused