i am 33

33. that’s a funny age. seems old if your young and young if you’re old. so much already done, so much to do.
half my life ago i was 16 and a half. an interesting time.
here’s a poster esther made for a party we had a few weeks back. i’m glad to see we are all looking very smart and smiley !

what am i doing ?

i’m doing something very important at esther’s birthday party, but what is it ? those who were there (including tony who took this photo) aren’t allowed to answer.

self portrait in a street mirror

here’s a low down self portrait in a street mirror.
i’m a little ashamed to be caught wearing beige slacks and trainers ! whatever happened to my combat trousers and doc martens you ask ? well, i’m wearing them today, so not much !


it’s always good to have another career in mind. here is me playing the part of a jolly cobbler.

click for big

poor me

i’m feeling quite grim at the moment. esther was off school all last week with a malady and i think it may have finally caught up with me.
this is the most painful part of my body right now:
as a precaution all today’s entries were preloaded yesterday.
so if the world ends tomorrow morning and i don’t comment on it, that’s why.

me in a restaurant

not only did i find the best bar in the world ever this evening, but i also went to a very nice restaurant called the Falfaff or something.
i sat next to a chatty Dutch chap who is in the sugar business. it makes all the difference if someone is happy to conversate with you when you are dining alone.
he kindly took this rear portrait of me. my head is very bald:
here is the bar from the outside:

portraits on the tube map

i thought it a nice idea to take pictures of myself and the girls on the tube map. the first one is my first ‘looking away self portrait’. i hoping to develop this theme.
DSC03428.jpg DSC03434.jpg

self portrait

self portrait in the house of commons loos

10,000th photo

i took my 10,000th photo with my Sony DSC-P71 camera this morning. Here it is. A self portrait of the camera. I bought the camera in September 2002, so that’s 10,000 photos in 16 months.
i do love my camera – But i was a little disappointed to discover the numbering has now gone back to 1. which means i will get duplicate file names and may have trouble uploading things to the blog.
here is photo number 10,000 (also known as photo number 1)
here is photo number 9999
does anyone know anyone who know’s someone who works for sony and could pursuade them to sponsor the blog and/or give me a new camera ?
Whilst we’re talking about numbers, i’ve now posted over 1,500 entries and have around 1000 comments since april last year. this month we’ve had over 4,800 unique visitors and shifted 2.2GB of bandwidth !
what a bizarre thing bloggin is.

self portrait

on the long walk to work i occasionally see people checking their reflection in shop windows. someone’s come up with the idea of a full length mirror in the street so people can simply check what they look like.
this mirror was particularly unwide suggesting it’s targetted at the skinnier commuter

a blue hair hat

i said they’d be no more pictures of me, but here i am yet again. this time i’ve managed to secure a blue wig from the same charity shop as everything else i’ve bought this week.
i’ve provided you with a desk shot (with the now ubiquitous cemetry jacket) and a head shot. i need to develop a proper smile for photos. perhaps i need media training.
DSC08448.jpg DSC08448b.jpg
the wig is not some novelty item – it’s an actual proper wig with a an actual proper inside bit so you can get it to fit properly. Madonna used to take her stuff round to these local charity shops, so maybe it’s one of hers.
also note the tidyness of my desk in preparation for an office move in two weeks. more about this another day …

dave’s hair styles

here are some 6 month blogaversary hair styles. i went for the retro police mug shot approach. the key thing is to look like i’m enjoying myself.
interesting, one of my entries on the first day of blogging 6 months ago involved wig-wearing (one of the wigs is featured again today to give wig-continuity)