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me in a pub


here’s me in a bar in Wellington from a week or so back.  taken by my good friend eugene. not only is he a great guy, he also has a great name !




me with my daughters in my eyes



it’s me !


good job i’ve got my glasses on in this picture as my eyes have those dreadful anti-tans that people have who go skiing.

it’s me !


kezia drew this picture of me.  i’m very proud of it (and her)

7 lampstands groovy wireless show


here’s my old jingles cassette from when i was a proper radio dj.  ah.  the memories (which are best forgotten)

and we’re off


today we emigrate to new zealand.  nearly a year ago i had a conversation which ultimately has lead to us leaving the UK to start a new life in NZ.  who would have thought it ?

thanks on behalf of the funkypancake family to everyone we know both on line and off line who has helped and supported us in our big adventure.

i’ll be sure to keep on blogging, although i suspect the next few days on funkypancake are going to be photos of the UK i haven’t got round to posting.

live updates via twitter/facebook/skype etc. you know the details.  if not, drop me an email.

don’t shoot the photographer


that’s me demonstrating how to completely ignore my expensive camera grip which allows easy vertical shooting by putting my hand over the top.  oh well.  thanks to richard for this shot !



funkypancake lrps

this was my final LRPS panel (minus image 8 as it was of a friend’s son so didn’t think i should put it on flickr)

playing or practising golf


i like how they’ve made it clear it’s playing or practising golf which is outlawed.  just so you can’t claim you were playing when you were practising and vice versa to avoid the rule

psychedlic pancake


esther took this photo of me standing in front of a projection demonstrating how autochromes work at waddesdon manor a few weeks back.  i love how the letter ‘O’ rests on my head like a comedy hat

funkypancake is five years old


a rare day of just one picture to celebrate the 5th anniversary of funkypancake !  During that time i’ve blogged a pile of fresh pictures every day (although occasionally they didn’t show up for technical reasons!).

i’d like to thank everyone who keeps visiting, and especially those who leave comments, to say thanks for encouraging me to keep doing this nonsense.

i’m so glad the comments are back working, although i’ve had to change a few things to bring them back.  in particular i’ve had to remove the list of categories and the list of monthly archives over to the right.  I may also have to remove the categories from each entry on the front page.

that’ll be a shame as i like categories – they are my attempt to order the world.  But the latest version of the blogging software has changed how categories work which lead to the recent server meltdown.  So, although i’ll still categorise each entry, it may not show on the front index page.  at least for the time being.

whilst i’m doing some typing, i must refer you to two other blogs which are almost exactly the same age as funkypancake and are still going strong (much stronger than funkypancake).  i’d consider both of these chaps friends in the online and offline world.  They are Russel Davies and Roger Darlington  Happy bloggy birthday to you chaps too !

And of course an extra special thanks to mrs funkypancake and the two mini pancakettes for putting up with me generally and specifically.