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happy new year’s eve


this is me even after nearly three months without any chocolate (the cravings continue)

i really don’t like New Year’s eve.  i find it highly depressing – which for someone who’s generally fairly jolly is a bit of a disappointment.  i think it’s related to having to stay up to midnight, whilst knowing i need to start getting back in to the routine of getting up before 5am in a few days time, and fearful of carbon-free self induced jet lag.  or perhaps it’s just fear of progress.

whatever, i find it a bit sad.  which is in itself a bit sad.  so sorry to our visitors who will be staying with us for a couple of days.

but anyway, thanks for another fantastic year in blog land.  i’ve enjoyed doing this immensely. see you on the other side !



me by kezia



kezia took these pictures of me (above) last week.  you can see her shadow in the lower one



do any of you live in or around belfast ? if so, can you let me know via email ?

individual cruet sets

cruets is a word like condiment which should be used more in every day life. i managed to sneak in to this picture too.

the 3d glasses experiment

they were giving away free 3d glasses with one of the freebie london papers last night. for once they were actually quite comfortable so i decided to wear them my entire journey. it made reading the paper more fun and had the added advantage of discouraging anyone from sitting next to me.
i took this photo to show the power of 3d glasses in a packed commuter train.
lesson learnt 1 – always look like a slightly unhinged nutter if you want some space.
lesson learnt 2 – after wearing 3d glasses for half an hour, your eyes compensate so when you take them off your eyes still see different colours for a while. i tested this by looking at green grass with one eye then the other. probably making me look as mad as when i was wearing the glasses.
experiment over. next.

help me !

i’ve got a number of days off up to the end of June and i’m trying to think of some funkpancake-esque things to do. perhaps i’ll have ‘Urban One Day Adventures’ which might involve me wandering around somewhere taking pictures.
London is the obvious place to go as that’s quite good for photos. Russell’s done a few cool things here.
i may not bother, but i might not not.
Also, next Thursday i’ve got a full day in Edinburgh for site-seeing fun, so any specifics for there would be gratefully received !
leave ideas in the comments or drop me an email
oh, and this picture was taken by me lying slumped down a little hill thing and turned upsway down

funkypancake is 4 today !

(thanks to Tony and the other chap off the recent portrait course for letting me post these photos)
and thanks to everyone else for all your fantastic encouragments !

me and a feather boa

tony2_IMG_3334.jpg tony2_IMG_3345.jpg
tony2_IMG_3347.jpg tony2_IMG_3348.jpg
photos by the great tony who has been a great camerist friend on our studio portrait photo course