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brits and warm drinks

us brits like nothing more than a warm drink on a warm day. if it’s not a warm cup of tea it’s a nice warm beer.
but even i draw the line at deliberately heated beer.
(i actually like cold beer. in fact, brother-in-law kev often laughs at my putting of ales in the fridge, but i like it that way).

british summertime

three hearty hoorahs for british summer time
hip hip – hoorah
hip hip – hoorah

is there any tomato soup in this machine ?

the hot drink machine in my office has a mysterious handwritten note on enquiring whether tomato soup is available ‘off list’ as a secret number.
i like the idea of finding hidden ‘cheat’ codes in the drinks machine that can dispense exciting drinks.
i always choose 83 mild for my mug of hot water. perhaps i should start trying a few other numbers and see what comes out.

the handwritten message in more detail:

malibu sunrise

i love sunny days. i spend most of them on the floor taking pictures of fruit and coke cans. but here’s a malibu sunrise.


canapes (can of peas)

the tea bags are sprouting

as you’ll know, spring, of, as they call it in America, ‘spring’, has now sprung and it’s officially, er, spring.
that means all sorts of things start popping up. flowers mostly.
but there’s a few other things. we all know that mushrooms are the mushrooms of the food world, but what are the mushrooms of the drink world you ask ?
tea bags of course.
here are a crop of round ones (and a key):

click for big
here’s the key:
and here’s another teabag, this time with a box of matches and a lighter:


click for big

drinks need to drink too

as the famous song goes “there’s nothing you can drink that can’t drink” (or something).
this poor little can is thirsty but is too small to reach the top of the pub bench. i’m sure someone will take pity on him. he’s got such a smiley mouth !