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is there any tomato soup in this machine ?

the hot drink machine in my office has a mysterious handwritten note on enquiring whether tomato soup is available ‘off list’ as a secret number.
i like the idea of finding hidden ‘cheat’ codes in the drinks machine that can dispense exciting drinks.
i always choose 83 mild for my mug of hot water. perhaps i should start trying a few other numbers and see what comes out.

the handwritten message in more detail:


5 thoughts on “is there any tomato soup in this machine ?”

  1. Now here is an interesting game.
    Fluid Maths? Drinking by Numbers?
    I drink 15 and 32,60 & 80 all mild.
    (What mild water???)
    we happen to have the same machines.
    It’s probably even more fun if you have a different machine.
    How many people, like me, have walked up to a machine and unthinkingly keyed in the wrong number?

  2. you should try other common numbers like credit card PIN numbers and house numbers and see what happens.
    our machine dispenses hot water, but you have to choose its strength ! so you can have strong, normal or mild hot water.
    i always go for the mild as i want to pace myself throughout the day.

  3. Ahhhhhhh
    Today the 60 (mild of course)looked and tasted just like the 80. You cant trust anything can you.

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