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questions about food and drink

there’s some variety in the questions here with tea and hot chocolate being twice and questiony than coffee and cake ? (or ??)

why a guiness shandy is a bad idea

guiness and lemonade don’t mix. here is the proof. the lemonade (poured first) sat at the bottom and the guiness just floated around on top of it very nicely.

how to serve lemonade – throw a lemon in to it
this is the label on Tesco lemonade. the picture shows someone throwing a lemon violently in to an already full glass of lemonade, thus spilling it everywhere. this ‘serving suggestion’ probably makes sense to tesco as you end up wasting the drink and having to buy more than you otherwise would have.

german man with many beers

he also sent this picture of a doggy bar
telco john was in germany last week and caught this man carrying many beers.
and here’s another from him showing a bike chained to a still point stone thing

always prepared

we went on a family picnic yesterday and it was excellent. the location, the weather, family etc. the only thing which nearly went wrong was when jane realised she’d forgotten the teabags. “don’t worry”, said my mum, “i’ve got one in my handbag”.
how british is that ? that was definately one of those proud-to-be-my-mothers’-son moments.