i love this stuff.  despite (or because?) of the algae


can you believe it


this is general recycling, not my own intake.  honest.

posh street debris


it’s not all lager louts and beer brutes in england.  we have alco-poptarts and cider-sliders too.  And occasionally posh winos too, as shown by these london street debris


absent drinkers


this is admiral tony blair’s local pub.  he wasn’t in.

pepsi trolley


this trolley was full of little bottles of pepsi.  i like abandoned trolleys, especially in the supermarket.  it’s like you’ve caught the ghost of someone or something.

did the person who’d collected all these suddenly come to their senses and realise this wasn’t a healthy and left the shop ?



this drink tasted like trousers.

kezia’s first tinny


kezia was delighted to be able to open her first can of fizzy pop all by her self.  here’s her first solo pour.  life is full of firsts at her age.

kirby and west


my brother and i were sitting in a cafe in leicestershire the other week when he suddenly exclaimed ‘oh, wow’.  i looked and had the same response.

i’d totally forgotten about Kirby and West milk floats and their yellow and blue livery.  it was suddenly like being old and young at the same time, with memories of chinking bottles and the fun on snowy days when these light weight electric vehicles couldn’t get up a nearby hilly street.

makes you wonder what else we’ve forgotten.  i think the fear of forgetting is part of my obsessive archival of the mundane