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the morning after


the bottle parents come out to see their cup children drunk on the lawn.  they are ashamed



drink prices


we went to a fantastic dedication service and party yesterday and it was excellent.  everyone was much too trendy though, and jane and realised that we are definitely old.   which is a shame, but inevitable.

anyway, it’s nice to see drinks with prices on.

do you use to drink beer ???


what do you think about get your beer fruity.

i spotted this sign in possibly my new favourite cafe in finsbury square near the crown bowling green.

strange beer head

i thought i must have drunk too much when i started seeing the top of my beer turning in to a blobby cloud.  so i took a picture to check later, and it really did look like this.



on my ireland day tour thing i visited the bushmills whiskey distillery.  here’s a hot toddie i had at the hotel later that evening.


here’s my whiskey tasting whiskey.  12 year single malt (i think).  very nice whatever it was.  i learnt you need to have the first sip for your throat, the second sip for your mouth, then you can start enjoying the drink.  add a bit of water too.


finally, i couldn’t resist taking a photo of this no photos sign.



i love fetes. and i love tombolas the best. when you enter you kind of want to win,but also don’t want to as the history of the bottles is often questionable. we’ve suspected some professional tombola wine bottles have been circulating for years – once one they are donated to the next tombola and so on.
this is a fairly classic selection with all the usuals – ketchup, cola, cheap pop, strange wines etc.

the power of beer

it’s amazing what alcohol can do to a person. this bollard has ended up being diverted by a can of stella.

and as if further evidence were needed, look at this: