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beer in a vineyard

esther went to a party yesterday afternoon so i had 2 hours free for wandering. so i went to a local vineyard (yes we have them in the England!) and had a beer. i had the place to myself as everyone else in the universe was watching football. fantastic stuff.


they were giving out these drinks in paddington station yesterday so i took one and put it in my bag. unfortunately the lid wasn’t on properly and some spilt. which i don’t think was part of their marketing plan.

pete’s pot

pete got a new tea pot, and it’s got a funny groove on the spout. here’s a picture of it. any idea why and how it works ?

the end of my cup

my favourite mug fell out of the cupboard yesterday and smashed. it’s now in the bin, but can live on in my memory thanks to this photo. oh well.

tomato flavoured pepsi

esther went to a party yesterday afternoon so we took kezia for some ice-cream in pizza hut. she was very concerned that we knew that the pepsi didn’t taste of tomato, even though there was a picture of it on the container.
for american readers, when i say tomato i actually mean tomato.


i thought a typical scottish drink would be lager and irn-bru. it wasn’t. and now i understand why.

austrian drinks dispenser

here is a sign of another culture. this drinks machine on a station concorse contains bottles of alcoholic snaps as well as the usual coke varients.
it also seems to contain cans of ‘gusset’ which i didn’t spot at the time.