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Monthly Archives: October 2004

in the asylum they also had an exhibit of what the called ‘outside art‘. i felt strangely connected to these artists who were just doing their own thing and looking at the world in a completely different way.
it got me thinking about what is art, whether what we (you and I) do on this blog is art, and even if it is then who cares anyway ?
and now i’ve just realised that although i know the word ‘nomenclature’ i’ve no idea how you pronounce it !

on my recent trip to Beligium i had one afternoon free to do the tourist thing. so i went to a mental asylum. for most of the time i was the only one there, except for some very strange man who was looking very suspicious (and acting even more so, but not in a way i can retell on this blog!).
anyroadupdown, it was a museum, but i think partially a working one. it’s an amazing place and definately worth a visit. visit their website for more info
this was one of my favouritist exhibits. click for a big version. it’s just so extreme !

the day i went to brussels was liberation day. the grande place was full of pretend GIs smoking cigars pretending to be Colonel Mustard from the A-team (might have got my reference wrong here).
DSC02291.jpg DSC02323.jpg
there were marching bands and a strange mix of old and new law enforcement:
this was a british band who seemed a bit worn out from all the blowing and marching they’d had to do in the name of liberation.

in these modern days putting numbers of psalms and hymns on church boards seems a bit retro. churches are often 10 years behind in terms of technology. we’ve only just moved to using an over head projector at our church, but it does its job so why buy a whizzy projector ?
this is another belgian photo which i took when my feet were too tired to walk. so i sat for half an hour watching people get ready for mass. then i left.

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