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Monthly Archives: October 2004

i took the girls to reading museum today so we could look at the dodgy biscuit tins and admire the history of reading festival exhibition.
the show piece of the exhition is a guitar that kurt cobain played and smashed up when they headlined reading. no photos were allowed unfortunately. esther asked why he smashed it up and i said i thought he was probably really angry. esther said “well that’s not a very good thing to do, even if you are angry”.
there’s a couple of things we have to do every time we go to the museum. one is use the giant microscope, and the other is look through the magnifying glasses at beatles. kezia has a badger on her shoulder which was part of the museum’s treasure hunt for kids.
DSC03055.jpg DSC03056.jpg

this building wasn’t here before. except it was. only there was another building in front which is now gone. so it took me by surprise.
of course if you didn’t know it was meant to be there to begin with it won’t take you by surprise. unless everything takes you by surprise in which case you would have been surprised anyway.

i’m really scared now. christmas isn’t for another 3 months(ish). yet here is ANOTHER xmas thing already in circulation.
i’ve turned this photo upswaydown so you can see the christmas fella the right way up. unfortunately it means it looks like the roulade is stuck upswaydown on the plate. which it wasn’t.

disability rights legislation came in to force recently (today?) in the UK and now shops and businesses are required to take special measures to accomodate people with disabilities. this is a good thing.
however, what people didn’t realise is that it also covers short sighted people who drive cars. these people can’t see traffic lights and so represent a danger to themselves and others.
the government has come up with an ingenious idea. they’ve put ladders next to every set of traffic light so short sighted people can climb up and have a close look at whether the lights are red, amber or green.
[some of this is slightly made up]

last weekend in hull we saw this roof top xmas display. it’s either early, late or permanent:
a little later on the same day we saw this, which is lots of father christmases (christmii?) in a shop window offering a discreet service:
and last night i received my first christmas present. it’s an extension cable from my father-in-law:

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