October 2004

great weather for wind surfing

Isle of Wight is home to an Extreme Sports festival. Ideal for an island which is currently experiencing 80mph winds. You can read reviews here
so we only saw a very brief bit as it’s not great entertainment for very small kids thanks to all the waiting involved.
it’s just about impossible to get decent shots of people doing their thing out to sea unless you’ve got a fancy 1 metre long zoom thing for your camera (which i haven’t).
so you’ll have to make do with these surfers.
DSC04178.jpg DSC04181.jpg


a teeny weeny coathanger with teeny weeny kezia.

the dummies of belgium

belgium seems to be the world capital for scraggy old mannequins.
here’s a couple. the poor chap on the right was in a chemist shop who seemed to be in a very bad way:
DSC02175.jpg DSC02178.jpg
there also seemed to be an unhealthy interest in incontinence pants.


what is a person without a soul ? what is a soul without a person ?

fish eye mirrors

in the reception at the stockholm museum of modern art (clickable)

and a close up

chocolate – desperation

still no chocolate (over 2 weeks now).
i saw this sign in a museum yesterday. i’m at phase 1 – desperation.

click for details



subway below

i believe the subway above was not closed


this is a sign from a teeny weeny model of an underground railway construction site (using the cut and cover method).

stained glass windows

this stained glass window in a church in ghent produced a psychedelic overlay on this painting. it was like someone had gone mad with highlighter pens.