noel gallagher

the second celebrity i saw last evening was none other than global megastar noel gallagher (of oasis fame).
he was simply swaggering slowly across marylebone high street without a care in the world. he’s a funny looking chap. and i was surprised he wasn’t surrounded by bouncers.
bizarrely i have been looking out for him for the last week since i discovered he lives in a muse house just off the north end of the marylebone high street.
i approached him and said “can i take your photo please ?” (in the same way i had to michael burke a few minutes earlier). He raised his hand in a ‘no thanks’ kind of way and off he wandered. but we did have eye contact !
so i took a photo (without flash) as he walked off. Oasis have a bit of a violent history in relation to the paparazzi so i didn’t want to make him think i’d taken a decent photo of him !