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noel gallagher

the second celebrity i saw last evening was none other than global megastar noel gallagher (of oasis fame).
he was simply swaggering slowly across marylebone high street without a care in the world. he’s a funny looking chap. and i was surprised he wasn’t surrounded by bouncers.
bizarrely i have been looking out for him for the last week since i discovered he lives in a muse house just off the north end of the marylebone high street.
i approached him and said “can i take your photo please ?” (in the same way i had to michael burke a few minutes earlier). He raised his hand in a ‘no thanks’ kind of way and off he wandered. but we did have eye contact !
so i took a photo (without flash) as he walked off. Oasis have a bit of a violent history in relation to the paparazzi so i didn’t want to make him think i’d taken a decent photo of him !

4 thoughts on “noel gallagher”

  1. …probably off to tell Midge Ure he’d do the “Do They Know it’s Christmas” single this year, according to today’s news.

  2. That’s so cool you saw Noel Gallagher.
    I was keeping an eye out for him when I was
    in London this summer, as I stayed in a hotel near Marylebone high street. He’s always out and about, as opposed to Lil’ Bro Liam, who is shy,
    and doesn’t go walking out by himself.
    I think that the Gallagher bro’s have calmed
    down a bit with their attitude towards the ‘paparazzi.’ Alot of their outbursts were brought on by the drink & drug.
    But, at least Noel didn’t say anything to you,
    and just kept walking.

  3. he did may a small grunting noise so there was some communication at least !
    i see in the paper he joined ex-Stone Roses Ian Brown for a gig last night. And he’s been on various news sites re the Live Aid thing.
    So once again this blog leads and others follow !

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