michael burke (again)

when i left my office last night i thought to myself “the only celebrities i see are either c-list non-bodies, comedians or nigel havers. i then got worried that i don’t watch telly enough and i may be seeing loads of celebrities in my daily life and not realising it.
so i set off and i convinced myself i was going to see three famous people. i did see two though (about 1km apart).
the first was michael burke the BBC newsreader. i did a google for him so that you non-UK readers can learn all about him.
i was surprised to see that my last spotting of him was the number one hit ! try it here

click to admire him in his fullness
the other celebrity is here

5 thoughts on “michael burke (again)”

  1. Havers was on BBC Radio 4’s PM programme last night complaining about the meeja’s use of the term “luvvies” for actors. (so not available for blogging 🙂
    Have any celebs you’ve blogged contacted you via the blog?

  2. You’re top of Google because you (and others) spelt “Michael Buerk” wrong…
    I apologise for bursting your balloon. :-/

  3. As a joke I was going to say search for “dfhsdfhsdfh” (random typing) in Google and Funkypancake would come up top in a few days but in fact four sites come up now.

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