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£1 for designer trousers

i think there’s a reason this pair of trousers might be £1.
it’s a flare.


4 thoughts on “£1 for designer trousers”

  1. It’s a security measure: if they put the whole garment out on the rack, someone might steal it. This way when you go into the shop to pay, they sew the other leg back on for you.

  2. i like your train of thought. a bit like the left shoes on display in shoe shops ?
    i wonder if the leg had been cut off to sew on to a new pair of trousers as a prototype for my new 6-fingered glove project ?
    though i’m not too sure whether a glove with 5 finger holes and one leg hole would be that practical.

  3. You could be right, but rather than a glove with 5 finger holes and a leg hole, perhaps it is a leg warmer with 5 toe holes at the end…?
    whatever – you had best get in on the act quickly before someone else starts making money out of it!

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