January 2004

a pen in a puddle of coffee

here is a miracle i walked past this morning. it’s a pen (looks like an entry-level bic biro – one of my favourites) which is LEAKING COFFEE !
if this had been a statue of the virgin mary drinking milk, or a stone dripping blood this website would be syndicated around the world.
unfortunately i suspect this won’t catch the public’s imagination.
you may be interested to note the following additional features in this photo:
1) chewing gum (red blob top left)
2) cracked pavement (top left)
3) a melted dustbin (stuff that looks like wax on the bottom of the photo)
4) a few drops of rain
an action packed photo i’m sure you’ll agree.


here is someone’s old umberella. it has been stuck on a fence and the wind has stripped it’s wings bare. poor thing. so many words for such a funny thing.


here is a moped. they are exempt from the congestion charge you know. and you can park them anywhere.
stick not included.

safety first

what better way to start the week than with a picture of pete. this is him viewed through the safety glass in the office door.

new carpet

the new carpet has arrived and it looks good. they’ve done a very nice job which is rare in these days of cowboy builders (never trust a workman on a horse, or indeed one carrying a gun)

dead dove

here is a dead dove which has been at my train station for the last week. the disturbing thing is the position of the wings. i hope you don’t mind me sharing this with you. (it was very dark when i took the photo and i didn’t want to flash in public before 7am)

kezia in a beam

here is kezia by our church door. it’s been a bonkers morning for weather. one moment gales and sideways very wet rain. the next bright sunshine. this was a sunshine moment. see how baby poo’s head and arm glows.
click the one on the right for a big version.

who is big-eye tony ?

it’s sunday so it’s church so i see big eye tony so i take another photo of him. from this angle he looks like a roald dahl character. in actual fact he’s a jolly nice chap and a very good friend.

poorly server

not sure if anyone noticed but the server went poorly again last night. i’ve now implemented a little message thing which i’ll put up if it happens again.
it means i can’t add any new posts and no comments will be displayed during this time ! hopefully it won’t happen that often. if it does you’ll see this:

where do you stand on custard ?

how do you like your custard ? i’m definately thick. very thick.
jane made some custard which was very thick indeed. the test is whether you can take a spoonfull, turn it upside down and see if it can be defeated by gravity.
this custard put up a healthy fight and i loved it. you could even stand the spoon up in the jug. lovely. you can tell by my face i’m loving it.
just recently i’ve become extremely unphotogenic. for this i apologise.
and here is a boat we saw in henley today, coincidently called ‘The Flying Custard’:

cat update

here is herve inspecting the cat. i’ve posted little about it since last saturday, but it continues to grow. maybe some more photos will be coming in soon …

hair bobble

esther spotted this bobble and was adamant that i stand and delivered a photograph of it. so it did. she’s pointing at it on the floor on the right hand side

gateway to the soul

here is a shoe in the river thames. perhaps there is someone upside down (‘upsway down’ according to esther) still wearing it. we didn’t pick it out to find out. sometimes it’s best just to leave these things be.


in a strange work-meets-home scenario, we invited my friend and colleague Herve over for the day. we went to a restaurant where we made everyone do some homework. kezia was ok, but esther had to help herve with his word search
DSC09523.jpg DSC09527.jpg
and here we all are (except me) by the swing park:

baby poo at the restaurant

here is kezia’s favourite baby. she calls it ‘baby poo’ as it’s always doing poos and needs its bottom wiping (according to kezia).
for a baby it can be a little vicious at times. here it is holding a match and drinking some coke.
DSC09521.jpg DSC09528.jpg

the spam as art concept

those who blog will know of the scurge of blog comment spam. the idea that someone posts a comment with their webaddress name pointing to their website which is usually selling some enhancing or prolonging or age reducing miracle.

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socks ?

when i took this photo i thought it was a glove. upon further inspection in the comfort of my own home it looks more like socks


pizza made by esther. we were all so proud.

lift survival kit

this whole office survival thing is going too far. i called the lift just now and it arrived full of tools. hammers, saws, power drills etc.
some lifts just have an emergency phone. but what were they thinking. i’m a danger to myself with my DIY (don’t injure yourself) skills.