the spam as art concept

those who blog will know of the scurge of blog comment spam. the idea that someone posts a comment with their webaddress name pointing to their website which is usually selling some enhancing or prolonging or age reducing miracle.

unfortunately (for the spammers) i’ve turned off the feature which displays the email address and webaddress of people who leave me messages. i did this because i was getting lots of comments from young people (under the age of 16) (see here for more explanation)
this is a shame as it means you don’t get to see the links to the websites of people who leave genuine comments.
i’ve been hit by a fair bit of comment spam in the last few days. fantastically the actual comments which are left are usually quite surreal in a fortune-cookie type way which i like.
so, i’m half considering leaving them to add a surreal edge to the blog which i feel may be missing.
the spam ones will eventually get eaten by MT-blacklist anyway, after a short delay.


2 thoughts on “the spam as art concept”

  1. i personally think that comment boxes that *require* email addresses are retarded. why should we have to give you our email address when we just get more spam because of it?
    i do however think it’s cool when you can click on a commenter’s name and get to their site. that’s how we find cool blogs most of the time.

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