i think i’ve shown you some pictures of these loos before, but here they are again cuz they’re great.

a good excuse


somehow the fact that we know the toilet isn’t flushing gives more weight and acceptance to the fact that it’s closed. all we needed was that extra bit of info

don’t play by the effluent hole


this rather nice signs warns kids not to pay by the poo outlet pipe.  good advice.  interesting that the photo looks like a face with a sign eye patch.

sometimes i’m glad comments are broken !

home made toilet signs


is this possibly the worst toilet sign ever ?  it looks like they didn’t have any writing materials so had to use what they had to hand.  yuck.

still, it prepared you for what was behind the door – a legendary kiwi long drop toilet.

shop toilet


best to keep the two things apart

not the most hygienic sign ever


(just as an update to anyone who recently tuned in, we’ve just
emigrated to New Zealand and the blog is running on auto for a while
just in case I don’t have Internet access or time to blog when we get there !)

i suspect however, that i’ve not been able to help myself and have slotted some NZ updates in amongst the preloaded pictures to completely confuse the chronology

scented poop bags


who wants bags which smell like poop ?   ‘scented poop bags’ does sound like something you’d shout in a particular stressful moment.



my day in museums with my dad involved a lot of toilets.  i actually
used the loo three times during our time together, but he didn’t go
once.  we shows a younger man’s bladder can be weaker than an older
one.  fact.


the top picture is from the sewer museum, and the one above is from the space museum.  apparently they train people to use these toilets by videoing the activity so their technique can be honed.  nice.


here are some loo facts


this was a nice money spinning idea for those who wanted to spend a pound rather than a penny


and here’s a lovely training potty


and various paraphenalia (worth a click to see what you can see)

Rothesay victorian toilets


I don’t think I even got half way through our scottish holiday before being distracted by real life.  So i’ll have a few days of scottish things, and slot in real life around it.


I am usually very careful about taking pictures in toilets, but everyone was doing it here.  In a very tasteful way of course.


I was even allowed to show the girls round the men’s room.


we then went and stared at a parked up war ship


30p per visit


it costs 30 pence to spend a penny these days.  but i was impressed by 30p PER VISIT.  what counts as a visit ?  is there a time limit ?  why no season tickets ?  so many questions.