thames and toilets

do you think the problem in the thames may result from the toilets up stream ?

blocked loo

this toilet made me think of Dr Who for some reason (returning to british telly on saturday night)

click for a big one

belgian outside toilets

more belgian gents facilities. it’s great how they’ve all been painted to liven them up and make them standout.
this one had elvis on it:
this one had some strange animals going mad:
and how’s this for a modern one in brussels ? i think it’s only for blokes, but i guess ladies could use it too. just not quite as privately:

toilet signs

.watch out for the door .and “nibbles” .And Full Stops At The Beginning Of Sentences Instead Of The End
DSC02918.jpg DSC02919.jpg

bizarre toilet

if you go to lulworth cove and go to the gentlemen’s toilets you may be lucky enough to see this bizarre thing. it’s the pattern on the wall by the sinks. it does very strange things to your eyes when you see it full size (it went from floor to ceiling if i remember correctly)

gentlemen’s toilets

blokes toilets at Broadlands.
there was more to it than just this hose pipe and mains lead
there were a load of sinks in a row: