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signs (slippery)

born slippy

nancy has gone beyond the call of duty – despite having just given birth here’s nancy showing a slippery floor sign ! well done for thinking of funkypancake at such a time !


the explanation for these explanations is a warning of slipperyness. heed it well.

strange chap

the chap on this picture is a bit strange. something about his legs and lack of hands i think. i can’t work out which way round he/she is facing.

walk carefully

i’ve been abit out of time sequence recently, so to prove we’re back on track, here’s an underground train slippery floors sign dated yesterday. it asks us to ‘walk carefully’. so i did.

mind the trapdoor

i love this slippery floor sign. this is a better photo than this one i took a while back

slippery landing place

bird lovers are funny old people. some are even funny young people. they’ve even put up signs to warn them that their landing places might be a bit slippery
if they are slippery then they’ve only got themselves to blame.
and what is a landing stag anyway ?

slippery floor sign

it’s always great to see a new variant of an old friend, and this is a great one. i blame his winkelpicker shoes.

a fantastic sign medley
how fantastic is this great medley. i especially like the people falling up and down things.

BBC slippery floor sign

Look at this mad slippery floor sign. i saw it on the ladies’ toilets at the BBC.
rather than slipping it looks like the person in question is having a nice dance. or deliberately stamping in it.
whatever, they are definately having a nice time which should be motto of the BBC