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signs (slippery)

still running

look. it’s anotehr sort of slippery sign. this chap has fallen over but is still attempting to run straight up in to the air.
it’s no wonder he fell over with such a lack of appreciation for the basic rules of gravity.

slippery signs for God

at the church holiday club they projected a variety of signs on to the screen for the kids to say what they stood for (all were warning about danger ahead and the likely result of ignoring them).
one of the signs was a ‘slippery floor’. the compere asked “where will you see this type of sign” ? i was very disappointed that no-one shouted “the funkypancake blog”. oh well.

a selection of slippery floor signs

so, you’re thinking of starting your own collection of slippery floor signs – but where’s the best place to start. well, let me tell you. it’s motorway service stations. full of them they are.
the strange thing is that motorway service stations are increasingly becoming photo-fits of each other, yet the one thing they haven’t standardised on is slippery floor signs.
here are a few examples. i didn’t take photos of ones i’ve already got. some are quite similar though so i’ll talk you through them:
a classic hollow body picture very similar to this one. possibly caught a few micro-seconds later.
at first glance this is the same as this one. but look again, don’t be fooled. the claw is gone and the person has merged with the puddle. it’s never clear on these photos whether the subject slipped on the puddle or produced it as a result of their fall (is it blood ?):
as above with helpful explanatory words:
the water on this one isn’t quite as deep as this one:
very similar to (if not the same as) the waitrose version. this one is certainly more in focus. the chap seems to be dancing the can-can (and therefore more likely to fall over). they are using the full space available to them:
finally something a little more tenuous. it’s indicating that cleaning is happening and therefore, by implication, slipperness may appear.

sitting down

the person on this slippery sign is sitting down. we know this as their back hand is pointing backwards. if they aren’t sitting down then i fear for that wrist.
also, why the fish ?


is this chap the same as this chap ? Perhaps after he slipped over and broke his arm off ?

the claw

we had this one before but i failed to comment on the claw. very scarey.

slippery floor

another sit on the floor slippery floor sign (like this one)
here is the same sign in written form:

slippery floor

paddington station slippery floor screen anouncement informs us that due to the inclement weather surfaces may be slippy.


this seems to be a slightly younger version of this chap His jacket and trousers are much too large for him. great winkle pickers though.

slippery in waitrose

my third slippery sign of the day. this time in waitrose on marylebone high street. i took it at an angle through the window, hence the weirdness.


wet weather is great for slippery signs. i wonder if this chap is related to this one.


this is a GREAT picture of a person slipping over.

slippery floor

i thnk there are a varierty of different falling down signs so i’m starting a seperate category