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signs (slippery)

step of faith

Keith (other half of pootlecat) sent me this and says “I was at my Niece’s Christening a few weeks ago when I saw this quality “mind the step” sign in the church and thought of funkypancake (St Michael’s in Linlithgow, if you’re interested)”

watch your step

i’ve brought you this slippery floor sign before, but this one looked particularly like the person is dancing, and we’re being asked to watch how good his dance steps are.

sticky situation

Georgina (better half of alvin the hoggster) sent me this saying “Not sure if you have this sign in your collection. My friend Nai (who reads my blog and thus yours) wanted me to send you this. She liked the fact that the poor chap seems to be evacuating his bowels and wondered whether this had caused him to slip or vice versa?”
to me it looks like a little person trapped in chewing gum

very high change of falling

three signs on the same door – the one at the top is a new one to my eyes. i like the scribble colouring.

keep safe !! use the Lift !

this is a sign to savour. good use of variable amounts of exclamation marks. and random words. please.

a new falling over sign

just when i thought i had all the main people falling over signs i see this one, which is someone tripping over a small step. great stuff