post boxes

the school post box

did your school have an internal post system at christmas ? mine did, and so has esther’s (and kezia’s preschool, but she thinks it’s a lucky dip).
it’s more preparation for office life where the internal post quickly becomes the infernal post. but that excitement for me never wears thin.
what’s the most random thing you’ve ever sent my your company internal post ?

post box instructions

here is a post box. traditional, but still quite interesting. it’s actually a siamese box. these post boxes are caused in the factor if the post box raw material doesn’t split properly in the early stages of their development.
whoever painted this one got a little carried away with the red paint. in the days when i had long hippy hair (a few feet in length) i once dyed it pillar box red (Elton did it for me the first time). And flamingo pink. but that was a different time.
notice the sign on top of this box which points the way to the nearest post box. they’ll probably need to change a few of these arrows since they are shutting lots of post offices down.
and how’s this for good instructions. ignoring the paint job, it’s worth considering what other types of box you would put your letters in and how ineffectual they would be.
shoe boxes, sandwich boxes, theatre boxes and match boxes would all prove quite useless i imagine.