post boxes

post office shortage


turns out this is a topical story as post office closures are upon us in greatest of all britains (see here).  a number of closures were announced today.

anyway, i took this photo last week as it was a teeny postbox.  like much smaller than usual.  small enough for a toddler to pop a letter in (which is what they love doing, so is ideal).  it’s also good for the stooping elderly.

when i saw it over a grass verge i thought “wouldn’t it be great to have a person next to it for scale” and suddenly this jogger ran by.  a quick grab of the camera from its holster, shoot, fire, and there you have it.

royal mail

this is confusing. it’s a royal mail bin. dressed up to look like a post box. standing next to a postbox.
perhaps it’s a trainee post box ?

how i helped a postman

i spotted this postcard in the street so i naturally picked it up. i was surprised to see it hadn’t been posted yet, although i don’t think it had – there was no post mark and it was addressed to somewhere in cheshire.
so i carried it to the nearest postbox and posted it. it was address to a ‘grandma and grandpa’ and listed the sights that the grandson has seen that day in london. hopefully it will now be back on its way to the waiting grandparents.

postbox with a face

you’ll need to click this photo to see the big version which clears shows that this postbox has eyes above it’s mouth letter slot.


barcolonical postbox

thanks to Rik for sending me this rather sad postbox from barcelona.