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post boxes

crazy post box


a concrete monstrocity in the posh part of town. in the name of art.  i love it.


church post box


a post box (and two bollards) at a church which looks like the postbox (and not the bollards).  would be good to have a teeny weeny post box next to the wooden postbox.

classic london street scene


this has got it all.  a couple of metropolitan police bollards, a rubbish bin, a twin faced post box, and an abandoned plastic cutlery tray.  And it’s literally in hopping distance to Tony Blair, ex president of the UK’s, house.  (no political comment intended)

royal mail post box … err …. box


what should you do with a postbox ?  put it in a box.  where will this all end ?  box in a box in a box ?  talking about thinking inside the box


i’m pretty certain if you wait long enough you can get a sign for almost every object on the planet with an arrow pointing at it with its name on.  I hadn’t expected this one to be quite so big though.

old and new


two jaunty angled post boxes.  the pink one is actually one of the post people’s drop off box things for when they are doing their rounds.  but hey ho.



clockwise numbering

no junk mail only royal mail


i love this sign completely.  it seems so lovelily british.  you can imagine it being on the queen’s front door.  someone is still proud of this great and bizarre little country we live in.  and hoorah for that i say.

the mysterious post box


i passed this post box last monday – this is it on the way home with a zooming post van behind it


i deliberately went this way back home to see if it was still surrounded by the barriers i had seen that morning


can you believe any postbox would be so busy it would need riot control techniques to restrict traffic to its mouth ?  perhaps sunday collections are so rare these days that extreme calming measures are required ?