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bob dylan first

there’s a new FOPP poised to open near my office and although it’s got no CDs in yet, they have put up the Bob Dylan sign.
fopp is prolababbly my favourist shop

take the skin heads bowling

ok – i’m the only baldy in the picture and it wasn’t real bowling, but yesterday we went round to esther and kezia’s prayer-parents for a barbyqueue (i know i spelt that wrong). In attendance were jon and andrew from pure reason revolution who challenged me to a game of petanque. which i lost (after a good start)

arriving early

it looked like these people were admirers of empty stages. you know the people in to extreme mime where the artists are invisible as well as silent.
but not so, they were the ones laughing a few hours later when the orchestra turned up

stop the noise

this chap was measuring the noise on Park Lane coming from the sound check on the main stage in Hyde Park.
and here is the entrance fence. Ready for the Foo Fighters tomorrow i think.

cool music art festival thing

there’s some fancy music thing going on in Reading’s forbury gardens at the moment. you get to borrow MP3 players and wander round the gardens listening to different compositions in different locations.
at one point a choral ensemble ensembled themselves near the lion and sang a special piece which was really good. kezia was transfixed
we got to stand behind the major too

esther in concert

esther had a concert yesterday where she sang and played her recorder. it was in a proper theatre and everything.
kezia loved watching her older sister and afterwards said “well done Esther, you did well and you did exactly what you had to do”. i think that’s quite a good compliment coming from a 4 year old.
when the children weren’t performing they had to sit on the stage. i noticed two children (a boy and girl) at the back punching each other and having a proper fight which was quite interesting. Meanwhile, the older ones practiced balancing their recorders on their ends which regularly resulted in clonks during other people’s performances.
esther was not involved in either of these misdemeanors

how to spend your 400th birthday

last night, after doing my business schmoozing, i went to recyclart and saw this band (and another chap who was a bit like a goth/industrial/new romantic moby)
i bet you wonder what they sound like ? watch here(30 seconds of fun)

the decemberists

in search of a restaurant last night i came across one of Brussels main music venues and saw the decemberists instead of eating. i think i made the right choice as they were very good.

found music

here’s some sheet music i found in the street. i’ve left the photo big enough for people to read and play

there is nothing serious about music

on wednesday night i went to see Faust in london. it was probably the best gig i’ve ever been to. completely madness
the singer sets up an ironing board and (hot) iron and very nicely irons one of the audience’s shirt.
and afterwards looking very pleased with himself
you can see all my faust gig photos here. go on. they are quite good !

faust fans

this is what people off the Internet look like.


jane and i went to see Supergrass last night who were most excellent. the support was son of dave who was a kind of one man band which was … good to begin with but then lost its novelty after about three songs
i didn’t take too many photos as there was a very drunk chap sitting next to me spilling his beer, shouting and generally jumping all over the place in the seated area. i would have been annoyed with him, but he knew all the words to every song, so i think he was just a really excited fan having a great night out !