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hats !

hats were very popular at the Reading festival. here was a stall selling old lady’s hats for £2.


damon albarn fell off the stage which was quite amusing. we started off down the front but then got squashed so moved back out slightly. from this position it was only worth watching on the giant telly screens and we couldn’t really see hte stage too well. and if you are watching a giant telly, then why not watch it at home.
we watched 3/4 of their set then wandered off for our train home.
(from the telly screens):


black rebel motorcycle club were good. not great, just good. they covered a White Stripes song which was fair enough as it was thanks to White Stripes not playing that they were playing. They sound better on CD in my opinion. it wasn’t helped by the fact there was a massive water fight going on around us.

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beck is bonkers

Beck was totally bonkers. he had a keyboard on a trolley which meant he could play and wander about. his backing band were fantastic with robot dancing..

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crazy clouds

there were some excellent clouds about, including a fantastic sunbeam thing going on.
and a little later as it was getting dark

The Doves

I thought the Doves were great. some excellent guitar and keyboard noises.

the streets

when we arrived the Libertines were playing. they were good, but i didn’t get any photos.
Then came The Streets. I found them a little boring and a bit too ‘ladish’. they had sound trouble which seemed to happen everytime they threw beer all over the stage and each other. I wonder if the sound man was trying to tell them something.

camera obscura

we got a good standing spot two people from the front on the right hand side of the stage. unfortunately there was a giant camera stick which kept getting in the way. it whizzed above our heads and often obscured our view. here is the camera in the sky and the man working it

pop idol head-to-head

i walked past two Pop Idol Talent Box vans today. Not a clue what it means but they looked good head-to-head.
UPDATE: more info on a teenage pop idol here
UPDATE2: i went to a wedding of a pop idol finalist. see here