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found chairs

remember this abandoned chair in scotland ? well, here are two more abandoned scottish chairs with views. it’s interesting they are all the same model.

click to enjoy the view (and chairs)

sun glasses

are glasses the new gloves ?

len’s lense

since that miracle eye-sight cure was launched a few days ago people have been abandoning glasses and lenses everywhere.

found things

a double finder this evening. firstly i saw an abandoned jacket on my tube train so i reported it to a guard as i thought it could be considered a ‘suspect package’.
the guard wasn’t that bothered and just picked it up and swung it over his shoulder, which isn’t the best way of diffusing a potentially terrorist situation. but at least then we knew it was’t a bomb.
then, when i got to Paddington station i found these glasses on the platform. i picked them up and took them to a guard, who, guess what, wasn’t that bothered. he tried to give them back to me. i said “they’re not mine, i just found them” but he wasn’t convinces, so I ran off to get my train.