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binoculars are one of those words which are fun to abbrev(iate). in our family we call them ‘binos’, whilst kezia calls them ‘oculars’. we have some friends who call them ‘binocs’
whatever they are they are quite fantastic and it would be good to spend one day a month wearing them instead of normal glasses.

restaurant glasses

i saw these glasses on a table in a restaurant through their window and took a photo not expecting it to come out.
but it did and looks quite arty i think. who’d a thought it ?

a new wig

here is an upswaydown self portrait in my new wig
and here is kezzy in the same a bit later

jo hind’s glasses

you’ll have to click the picture to inspect the glasses (and identity pass). sadly no photo on the ID so no entry in davescollections


i haven’t seen any glasses on the street for ages so i was very pleased to see these safety ones.

glasses on the wing

the writing on wings of modern airplanes tell us to not stand on certain parts. in my experience it’s better not to stand on any part of an airplane’s wing. in fact, i think it’s much better to just stay inside the airplane.
jane was very pleased to see they’d glued some yellow glasses to the top of the wing.