our first kiwi barbeque


so we did it.  we bought a proper kiwi gas barbeque.  jolly good it is too


crumpet control


at last, we have a way to control crumpets in our house.  long overdue.

fish and chips


we went to our local fish and chips shop last night to get some, er, fish and chips.  they had three different sorts of fish.  one was snapper but we’d not heard of the rest.  we went for two types and did some sampling.  the jury was split.  and rather confused.

why it’s best to draft things in pencil first


i’m more of your ‘straight to ink’ guy, enjoying the randomness of mistakes.  i’ll often go with a spell suggested word on my mobile rather than the word i was planning on using just because it causes the sentence to make no sense. (if anyone from my future employers is reading, i do this strictly for non work related things – mostly).


anyway, i took the first picture above as i liked how the sign was made from multiple pieces of A4.  when i went up to take the photo i saw the pencil drafting underneath and could see why they thought this was a better idea than inking in their draft.

bergurs anyone ?

unlucky dip


as a family we came up with the fab idea of having an unlucky dip at our goodbye party yesterday (apologies if you weren’t invited, it wasn’t anything personal – we’re just being rather dippy at the moment).

anyway, the unlucky dip was a bit of a tombola, and you got to win something we were just going to throw in the bin.  so that was nice.




extend to taste

our mate


lots of salt and vinegar crisps


i love abandoned trollies. mostly i find them outside supermarkets, but this one was a good one inside tescos.  it contains mostly single bags of salt and vinegar crisps (chips for you new world-ists).  plus an odd alien and some cakes.

all that remains of the brownies


i’m pleased to say esther is taking after her mum and is cooking up some fantastic foods.  like these brownies

very posh dinner


you can tell how posh this was by the way they balanced my bacon on the mash