this massive pile of stinking slops was on the floor outside Paddington Station. jane said she thought it was mayonaise. she could have been right.


a sandwich. quite near where i found the toasted one a few months ago.

fruit basket

here is a bike with a basket on the back. people have generously put old pieces of mouldy fruit in it to give it a more organic look.
rotting fruit is something often missed in modern bike design.

serious boozer

how DO you organise a drinking party at a brewery ? i’d phone them up and have an ask.
as we know, serious drinkers don’t go to the pub, they go straight to the brewery and get tanked up there instead. some breweries even have areas where customers can get loaded with lager, such as here.
i was just passing.

nut muesli

here is my usual breakfast – nut muesli. i’ve tried to seperate the different nuts in to their own sections for your enjoyment.

unfinished restaurant

i went for lunch with colleagues today in Brick Lane which is famous for curries. a new restaurant had opened which sold …. curries.
if you want to find it, simply walk down Brick Lane. it’s on the right and is between two other curry houses.
the restaurant and food was very nice. but there weren’t any plants in the plant holders:
and there weren’t any fish in the fish tanks:
but luckily they served nice square meals:

cakes. mmm

a white canvas ready for ordaining with cherries, jellies, smarties and little metal ball bearings which look like sweets.


people ask why i don’t drink tea or coffee and prefer to stick to hot water.
it’s not easy and sometimes i really crave for a nice blend of glucose syrup and vegetable fat to whiten my drink. instead i use tippex (or another generic brand of white paint based correct fluid)
what is vegetable fat ? sprout blubber ?

caged fruit #2

it’s a while since we’ve had some street food. here is an orange, an apple, some cheese biscuits and a french roll. and some barriers.

quality meats

everything about this shop screams quality. click for a bigger view. the door on the right is presumably unconnected with the main shop.

a better class of vagrant

i occasionally see beer cans and empty boxes in doorways. these are the tell-tale signs of ‘life’ left by street people.
i used to help with a couple of homeless projects a while back and the amazing thing was the type of people who ended up homeless. they came from all social classes and backgrounds. it could happen to anyone.
here we see the dining remains of an obviously higher class of street liver. two bottles of red, some breadsticks and humous dip, an apple, some foliage (for decoration) and a pile of takeaway menus. they’ve never had it so good.

brown sauce

brown sauce is a strange thing. tomato ketchup is sometimes called red sauce, because it is red. and it tastes of tomato which are also red.
but what is brown sauce meant to be ? it’s not described as anything other than brown. sometime’s it’s called daddy’s sauce, but that doesn’t help much.
i put brown sauce in the same culinary hole as marmite. yuck yuck yuck.
please admire the 70s lighting on this photo. it was a happy accident (like most of the 70s)