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brown sauce

brown sauce is a strange thing. tomato ketchup is sometimes called red sauce, because it is red. and it tastes of tomato which are also red.
but what is brown sauce meant to be ? it’s not described as anything other than brown. sometime’s it’s called daddy’s sauce, but that doesn’t help much.
i put brown sauce in the same culinary hole as marmite. yuck yuck yuck.
please admire the 70s lighting on this photo. it was a happy accident (like most of the 70s)


6 thoughts on “brown sauce”

  1. Tomato sauce is not infact red but some nasty green brown colour. Its only bright red as coloured that way. Have you had the green version of tomato sauce. It tastes just the same.

  2. Brown sauce is my absolute favourite, and Daddies is the best. If you would like some on your ham sandwich, Dave, there is a bottle in the fridge.

  3. Ok, what exactly is this brown sauce ? I live in the United States and can not figure out what this might be like that we have here.

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