October 2013

ski lifts

131001_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_2450

131001_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_2552

131001_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_2575


131001_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_2461


131003_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_2977

131003_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_2976

131003_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_2975


131003_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_2990


131003_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_2962


131001_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_2420

long neck

131003_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_2991


131003_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_2960


131001_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_2460


technically probably not lost.  just resting

131001_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_2458


131005_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_3268

131005_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_3234


131005_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_3269

131005_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_3275

131005_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_3277

131005_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_3308

131005_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_3360

131005_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_3414

an audience of none

131005_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_3531

this guy was playing on a stage at a gypsy fair i went to recently


131005_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_3519

he was singing about having a weepy eye


131005_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_3523

131005_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_3525

no one was watching him.  but for a small donation he let me take some pictures as he crooned the grass

131005_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_3532

131005_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_3533

they were never expecting a massive audience.  up to three people perhaps

131005_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_3535

nearly lamp stand

130907_Canon PowerShot S95_IMG_0357

i used to have a radio show on the fm dial over 20 years ago in Sheffield.  it was called the seven lampstands groovy wireless show.  i suspect no one listened so there’s no point asking if anyone remembers it.

to advertise it i took a proper big lampstand to a bar.  i don’t think anyone noticed though.