an audience of none

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this guy was playing on a stage at a gypsy fair i went to recently


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he was singing about having a weepy eye


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no one was watching him.  but for a small donation he let me take some pictures as he crooned the grass

131005_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_3532

131005_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_3533

they were never expecting a massive audience.  up to three people perhaps

131005_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_3535

3 thoughts on “an audience of none”

  1. There is a very good episode of Flight of the Concords where they perform to an audience of three shopping bags. Rhys Dharby later gives them a powerpoint on how this was a new performance low for them. (Thought I would provide some irrelevant information)

  2. Audience aside, its an interesting array of gypsy caravans behind the action. On old trad one, one more modern but still 4 wheels and a swivel draw-bar, an anonymous one behind the crooner – can only see the drawer-bar, and a relatively modern coach! Very eclectic!

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