October 2013

bird art

130921_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_1853

130921_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_1855

back in 10 mins

130921_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_2150

there’s my bald head reflecting the light.  that’s ok.


130922_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_2282


130921_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_1860


he’s looking at the red arrow pointing at him, oblivious to the nearer red arrow closing in.

what happened next?  nothing

130921_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_1861

dog jacket

130922_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_2188

dog jackets and a more domestic version of the donkey jacket


130921_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_1899

it can be exhausting being a vixen


130918_Canon PowerShot S95_IMG_0619

man bag

130921_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_1962