July 2008

guess the thing pt 2


the exile guessed the gusset, can anyone guess the location (correct answers please shorely & rascle !)

and just to help you out, here’s a ‘making of’ shot of yesterday’s picture


aussie bum urinal


in a nice coincidence type of way i took a photo of this urinal without realising the significance of the advert in the background


found photo


i’ve not updated my davescollections website for a long time because the software behind it is so broken that if i attempted to update it it’d probably all fall apart !

i spotted this work pass on a wall.  it was face down, although it did have a nice smiley face drawn on the back.  i ended up taking it to the local tube station which turned out to be unmanned.  so i pushed it down the money return space in the ticket booth, giving it a good flick so it landed on the counter.  unfortunately i nearly got my hand trapped due to my watch getting caught under the underhang.

i’m free now.  which is more than miss whoever, who is probably still locked outside her office.


guess the thing


can you guess what this is and where you’d find it ?  another clue tomorrow (or a confirmation of the answer if someone guesses it before then)

coffee emergencies catered for


this is a great sign on a shop just round the corner from Tony Blair’s house in london.  i wonder if he has coffee emergencies these days ?

if he does he can be sure that “they’ll serve him”.  in quotes.

those quotes probably mean they can give you a price before you place an order.  probably.

fifty nine and a half


inflation hits us all.  this building was number 57 just a few weeks ago, and now look at it.

more than a feeling


ever get the feeling you’re being stalked ?  the feeling are on my telly, on my footpath, in my paper and on the blog.

celebrity mobile phone number scandal


this piece of paper was lying by the GMTV studios 4 hours later when i walked back past them after my meeting.  i took a photo of it as i thought it might show The Feeling and it would go nicely with the photos of the band.

i took the photo then went on my way.  i nearly took it with me as a momento, but it was covered in coffee, and i’m no longer a 16 year old celebrity item hoarder (mostly).

imagine my surprise when i looked at the photo i took of the picture above to discovered it displayed the mobile phone number for Dr Hilary Jones, Annabel Croft and various others !  i deliberately cropped the photo so you can’t see them.

what outrageousness !  i should tell someone.  if only i had the phone number of someone who would be interested …

The Feeling on GMTV


i like to get to meetings early so i have time to read through any papers, eat a cake and perhaps take some photos on the way.  yesterday i got up early and arrived two hours early for a meeting.  along the way i saw The Feeling.

more pictures on my flickr stream


i didn’t even know they were until last weekend when i saw them on the BBC’s glastonbury coverage





the presenters loved it