July 2008

the actual of the tribute


i got a message via my flickr account that someone had posted a funkypancake tribute picture. it’s here if you want to see it.

imagine my surprise when i opened it and found it was of the same sign i’d taken a picture of on monday morning, and was sitting on my pending upload folder.  so here it is.  i prefer kjpm’s photo actually, which i think must have been taken at a different entrance to the park as it’s got a nice fence behind it.

i like to think of a future world where people are crawling around on the floor taking photos of nonsense and getting in each others way in the nicest possible way.  could you imagine how cool that would be. thanks kjpm !

half a taxi


this was in the place where they were doing the advert earlier in the day (when i walked by on the way to my meeting).  i guess it makes sense to have half a taxi on a truck to do filming of in-taxi scenes.

once more the magic of TV is destroyed by seeing behind the scenes.  sorry about that.




london is great for seeing thing like this – apparently they were filming some sort of beauty cream advert.


i watched for about 2 minutes then moved on.


the curry boys


i’m sure these signs never used to give the reason.  or perhaps i’ve only just spotted they do.  anyway, this is ideal if you want to see the curry boys being filmed.  whatever that is.  (i think it’s unrelated to the advert being filmed a few streets away).  there was also some filming trucks and food place next to the Royal Albert Hall yesterday.  no idea if it’s related.  sorry for my lack of knowledge.  i do my best, but you know.  sometimes.  it’s just not good enough.



this is a bit of a mystery.  it’s a black wheel chair and a strange yellow one all a bit mixed up.  kezia was confused

computer 2000


these people are still in denial about the millennium bug.  i suspect they think it’s a cover-up and the world is actually falling apart computery speaking.

we have the technology


i put a new door bell button up on saturday as the previous one was just dangling on wires outside our front door.  it didn’t solve the problem of it’s very quietness however, nor did it alter the fact that our new plastic door doesn’t have a knocker.

this problem has been weighing on my mind for a few weeks, and inspiration came to me during the sermon on sunday.  i was thinking about what things we have in the house that are activated by pressing a single button, and which are so loud and in-you-face that they would be heard all over the house.

when we got home kezia and i decided to hot-wire up my incredibly loud indian singer dancing thing.  it really is loud.  but it was fun ‘hacking’ his inards to make him work.

now all i need is to build the shelf for him to sit on by the door …

and the man of mystery was …


this week’s “guess what” mystery was of course superman


he seems to have taken batman’s place outside city hall


which was ideal for taking pictures of superheroes punching big ben


and here’s a peek behind the magic of the lens viewers, just so you can see how the magic of funkypancake is created.

asleep or working ?


these chaps looked like they were asleep at the starting block of the henley regatta.


but it was all a sham as they were actually the boat park


as can be seen here


eventually this chap lowered his flag and off they went


also on the boat were some other people doing jobs in a mobile office type way

kezia meets the mayor


i took kezia to a concert yesterday to mark the end of the year.  the mayor was there to give out the certificates (although he outsourced that to his wife)


of course the parent paparazzi were out in force as usual


and the mayor himself was very jolly

picking our own


kezia and i went off to pick our own strawberries yesterday as part of her summer school project.


i just loved all these signs with foods that grow around, under, on or near dirt.


i’ve never seen a currant tree, so that would be a good destination sometime.  actually, i think it might be where they keep the currant families like red, black and yellow/green striped.

and what’s a calabrese ?  i thought that was carpet cleaner


still we got a good fist full.  kezia ate a large proportion of them in the car on the way home.


i’ve no idea if it’s cheaper or more expensive to buy via pick your own.  on one hand you are saving them the labour, but on the other it’s an hour’s fun so you might have to pay for the privilege.


this price chart was quite interesting though.  quite a few random letters and words left over.

henley regatta


i went to henley regatta yesterday as i had the day off work.  i was only there for a couple of hours as i had to collect kezia from school, but i had a great time wandering about people watching.


there was lots of people following signs to the letter, like these people refusing to put up their gazebos.


here are a couple of boaters.  i went to a couple of charity shops in henley to buy a boater for camouflage but the one they had was slightly too small.  probably for the best.


there were some great signs put up for the event.


this shot is looking directly up towards the finishing line (with the boats coming towards us).


look at the size of the arrow on this sign !  i’ve got loads more people shots which i’ll publish sometime soonly.


i didn’t go in to any of the enclosures so ended up spending hardly any money (other than my train ticket i bought a cheese burger and a beer.  and i bought two plastic measuring jugs from Woolworths in the town on the way back to the station for 39 pence each because they were such a bargain).


there was a fair bit of racing going on (not that many people noticed).  i was intrigued by this lady who raised these signs as quick as she could when the boats whizzed by.  she also shouted something.  not sure if it’s semaphor ?


here are some boatists.  the lot at the bottom are quite amusing