March 2008

my first pain au raisin


being chocolate free is still a nightmare and i regularly dream of scoffing the stuff.  i’ve still managed to keep it up for several months (i can’t remember when i actually decided to stop).

anyway, i’ve been having croissants for breakfast instead of pain au chocolat, but a cafe i went to didn’t have croissants so i had to have either pain au choc or pain au raisin (both seen here).

it was alright, but nothing can ever be better than chocolate.  humph.



there’s a great exhibition of things at the Bargehouse art gallery in london until the end of the month.  i loved it so much i’m going to go back at the weekend.

updated: website here

page 51


for those who haven’t been following the page thing, most of the posters at Paddington Station seem to have page numbers on at the bottom left hand side. 

sad stories of have a go heroes


there’s a little park near st paul’s cathedral which has a whole row of memorial stones for people who died whilst trying (not all successfully) to save others. 


the stories are fascinating yet really sad.  well worth clicking on the pictures to read the inscriptions.


i’ve walked through this park loads of times but this was the first time i’ve spotted them.  i was actually looking for this



this little white brush was on a white wall with a white background, so i converted it to black and white.

man in the moon passage, london


occasionally when i’m walking across london i see a street with such a fantastic name i have to detour down it.  this was one such place, and i ended up getting a bit lost as a result, but well worth it !

bollard jetpack


i had meetings in london nearly every day last week, and walked a similar way each day, so i got to see some evolving mundaness – like this bollard wearing a jet pack


it all looked so good, but the next day i came by it had obviously all ended in disaster


toast wars

i like how cafes often have photos of the food they serve, just in case
you don’t know what things like sausages, beans, coffee etc look like.


two cafes close to each other near farringdon station both had pictures of toast.


lolly pop man taking it easy


here’s a lolly pop map resting up


he’s sitting on a nice velvet covered cushion.


lollipop people are the closest you get to human bollards.