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Monthly Archives: March 2008


these vacuum cleaners were hanging around near st james’ tube station looking quite pleased with themselves.  you can see their shepherd who was guiding them in to their night time pen to the top right of the picture. 

he wondered why i was taking pictures of them so i told him.


two signs opposite each other with different typographical properties.  interesting how it changes the meaning.  there’s more capitalisation in the lower one too.  i wish they had version markings on so we knew which one is the improved model.


it’s a shame comments aren’t working as i’d love to get your thoughts on how a charity shop can become ‘award winning’.  perhaps they excelled in odours.  or colour coordinated clothe rails, or retro vinyl, or number of salad spinners held in stock, or most used wedding dress, or …


kezia and i went to a posh riverside town and after duck feeding and play-parking we went for lunch in Wimpy.  it had everything i remember – knife and forks, disappointingly untasty burgers and poor service (they never brought our drinks and the waitress couldn’t have seemed to have cared less about us being there) !

still, it’s great to know Wimpy is still going strong and hasn’t changed in all these years !

just a quick apology for the lack of comments and slightly more random arrival of daily updates on funkypancake at the moment.  it seems funkypancake is causing serious problems to the webserver, so whilst we’re working on ways to make things better, all comments are off i’m afraid.

hopefully, when it gets sorted, things will be much faster and betterer
and lovelyier than they were before and we can all be happier and live longer lives.

so apologies, especially to the brilliant commenters, for the short term disruption to your funkypancake service !

and especially many thanks to matt the web-landlord for all his helpingnesses

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