February 2008

training shots


tony kindly leant me his flash so i could attempt something fancy when i did my photoshoot thing last saturday.  here’s one of my test shots on a non-human head.

a slippery day


who’d have thunk the ice would have been slippery


i took the day of work yesterday to look after the girls as they had an inset day and jane was working.  so we went ice skating in the morning then headed to a transport cafe for a greasy slippery fry up.


not the film


live on stage.  not the film!

the watched snog


i went to see the Rodchenko exhibition on friday and was inspired to take this photo.  it was only afterwards i noticed the girls with balloons on the top left.

guess the scene


can anyone guess what’s going on here ?  you’ve got to guess the two parts to win.  as a clue it was taken in central london.  the blur is thanks to me experimenting with motion blur in preparation for a different shot.  20 pence in cash for the first correct answer.

please pay


i don’t think that’s her real hand

the polystyrene plant


i know what you are thinking, but it’s not.  there’s no such thing as a sugar lump tree.  it’s in fact a polystyrene plant.  the one is in bloom, hence the poly blobs on the end of the spiky branches.


this sign would work well on my desk at work.

get dressed


this shop in bracknell, england is quite fantastic.  all the mannequin’s were bold.  except this one, which had covered up with a hat and sun glasses.  she was a lot shorter than the other mannequins too …




whilst out on a photoshoot with jen and leo (oooh, look at me!) i was delighted to find this dummy


Leo had asked me earlier what kinds of things i usually photograph.  And there waiting for us was one of my favourite subjects !


the stationery lady

this lady was looking over the next balcony to where i was standing.  she was waving a pair of scissors about as she talked on her phone.


she also had three pend in her hair.


it’s all going wrong in the graveyard


perhaps reflecting the decay beneath the ground, many gravestone statues seem to be losing parts and even entire limbs


if you can keep your head when all those around you are losing theirs, perhaps you are the cause ?