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Monthly Archives: February 2008


who’d have thunk the ice would have been slippery


i took the day of work yesterday to look after the girls as they had an inset day and jane was working.  so we went ice skating in the morning then headed to a transport cafe for a greasy slippery fry up.



can anyone guess what’s going on here ?  you’ve got to guess the two parts to win.  as a clue it was taken in central london.  the blur is thanks to me experimenting with motion blur in preparation for a different shot.  20 pence in cash for the first correct answer.


i know what you are thinking, but it’s not.  there’s no such thing as a sugar lump tree.  it’s in fact a polystyrene plant.  the one is in bloom, hence the poly blobs on the end of the spiky branches.


this sign would work well on my desk at work.

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