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guess the scene


can anyone guess what’s going on here ?  you’ve got to guess the two parts to win.  as a clue it was taken in central london.  the blur is thanks to me experimenting with motion blur in preparation for a different shot.  20 pence in cash for the first correct answer.


10 thoughts on “guess the scene”

  1. your getting closer. it’s some polish buskers in the background, but you now need to identify the foreground object

  2. nope. (i’ve also realised i’ve got no proof when i finally reveal what is happening, so you’ll have to take my worm for it).

  3. the answer is:
    i was taking some picture of some polish buskers when a man with a giant (and i mean very big) unicycle walked past wearing a red jacket.
    i had my camera set to a longish exposure as i was experimenting with a few techniques for use on my urban portrait session the next, so it all went a bit wobbly.
    was quite unguessable i’m afraid

  4. Well he certainly got himself noticed in his red jacket!
    And a smashing set of piccies from the photo-shoot.
    Well done and thanks Dave.

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