February 2008

hassock of the week


wild weather at sea as experienced recently around britain.

which reminds me – i am simply loving the shipping forecast on the way to work in the morning.  My alarm clock is fast and gets faster by about 5 minutes every month.  As a result i’m waking up at about 4.55am at the moment and am in my car heading to work around 5.15am.  for the first 10 minutes i listen to the shipping forecast which is simply lovely.  An example is ‘
Forties Cromarty Forth Tyne Dogger. 
Southwest backing south
. gale 8 to storm 10, veering
west, severe gale 9 to violent storm 11. Rain, then squally showers. Poor, becoming moderate.’ 

They also say things like ‘rough perhaps violent storm’ at the end.  i love the vagueness of that. you want more than ‘perhaps’ from experts.

read the latest reports here, although you really have to hear it to love it.

i wonder if for the modern age they should also do a shopping forecast giving reviews of shopping centres:
meadowhall, blue water, northerly traffic queues.  sales on. bargains possible.  frustration mild to strong, perhaps unbearable

or perhaps a sipping forecast:
“tea. strong. white. sugars 2, becoming sweeter.  perhaps tepid”.

a thoroughly scottish evening


we went to a neighbour’s birthday party last night.  it doubled up as a burns night celebration as they are scottish.  it was most excellent and we had a brilliant night.

the box above contains bagpipes, and everything you need to be scottish.  seen below is a bottle of irn bru.  also very scottish.


matt’s signs


matt (the web landlord) found both of these signs and thought them funkypancake fodder, and so they are.  the one above is self explanatory.

the one below says ‘no super trolley’ which is a shame.


the odd couple

here’s a couple on a walk.  the lady seems to be striding on whilst the chap behind looks a little annoyed. another walk spoiled by a petty argument perhaps.  or maybe she’s said something about the eye on his jacket.


actually, looking closer at the picture, it looks like the chap is carrying a rather large knife.

tony hancock


thanks to geocaching i discovered i pass the place where tony hancock‘s ashes were spread when i drive to/from work.  the church has more info here

i also saw this grave stone.  nice to be remembered as the ‘worst used’


up up line down bus


once you’ve played on a dance mat you can next walk down the street without involuntary jumping your legs about when you see a sign like this.