May 2007

harcourt aboretum

we went to harcourt aboretum on saturday. a lovely place and well worth a visit. although we did get worried by about a dozen brave peacocks during a picnic making me even more unbearable than usual !

scottish hairdresser

hairdressers always have great names. this one in leith is a great one

kezia wearing fallen on the floor flowers

it’s amazing what you find on the floor. kezia collected lots of petals which had fallen off plants and put them in her hair.
could you imagine what would happen if i did that with the things i found on the street on the way to work (not that i’ve got much hair before any of you start making clever comments!)

after church brunch

we had a church bbq brunch after church yesterday. very welcome and nice and tasty. he’s big eye tony with bbq cleaners in the background.