May 2007

cat and dog charity collection vessel

both these animals looked a bit bonkers. or are they trying to hypnotise you in to inserting money in to the slots in the top of their heads ? i try to adopt a similar pose in work, especially around pay review time.
070517_850_img_2446.jpg 070517_850_img_2445b.jpg

the strobist hand

i’ve been practising my flashing following the strobist seminar. one of the tricks in getting your light right is to take pictures of your hand (so you don’t have to be fiddling about when the person you actually want to photo turns up)
just in case you are interested, this is the same scene, lit in different ways. (it’s not that exciting actually is it)

skinny gherkin

there aren’t many places in london you can get a decent distant view of the gherkin and appreciate its slender curves